Keystone’s mission is to provide people with developmental disabilities diverse opportunities to lead fulfilling lives.




We intend to be the leader in the provision of quality services for people with developmental disabilities.




We value and hold dear the following attitudes, beliefs, and commitments:

  • We value the growth, health, safety, and happiness of the people we serve and support.
  • We value our core attitudes of affection, caring and service.
  • We maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and support. We value a positive attitude and a sense of humor, enjoying our work while taking it seriously.
  • We promote a sense of excellence in our work.
  • We take pride in our efforts and responsibility for our outcomes.
  • We value unity and teamwork.
  • We are committed to developing and maintaining a highly trained and skilled staff.
  • We value communication that is active, consistent and accurate throughout our agency.
  • We continuously evaluate and improve the services we provide in response to the individual’s needs and preferences.
  • We value diversity among the people we serve/support and employ.
  • We value our responsibility and commitment to the people we serve and support.