We have been approved on our proposal and the project of downsizing 154 Front Street and our Community Expansion is underway!

Within the last few months, we have had the task of searching for a new great apartment complex and appointing new leadership to help foster positivity and a smooth transition.

Aseera Butler, Program Coordinator, has been chosen to manage our new Supervised Apartment Program, Catalano Apartments. which will be located in the Brookside Garden Apartments on Mercer Street in Somerville, NJ.

After discussions with the Department of Developmental Disabilities, it was determined that there would be an awake overnight staff rather than a live-in position.   The plan is for Aseera to manage both supervised apartment clusters, which will merge into one program at the same site. The second cluster is scheduled to open sometime around March 1.   Aseera will assume her new position November 1st and begin assembling her team.  We are hoping that our folks will move into their new apartments by early to mid-December.

Lisa Mixon will return as full-time Director of Human Resources on October 22, 2012.  Lisa is very excited to resume her old role and we are excited to have her back during these changing times.

Finally, Dina Esposito has been appointed to the new position, Director of Quality.   This position builds our infrastructure to keep up with changing times and helps us as we go forward reshaping our agency.  Dina will be responsible for program evaluation and assisting all in maintaining the highest quality of programming throughout Keystone.   As part of her duties, Dina will become Keystone’s Unusual Incident Coordinator as well as continue to provide CPR and First Aid Training.

We are indeed excited for our project coming to life, but we understand if there are still questions and concerns. If you have a question or concern, please do not hesitate to e-mail me or you can contact me by phone.

This project allows us to expand Keystone and provide more opportunities for new faces to join the Keystone family. If you would like more information about Keystone, feel free to check out our Program & Services page or send us an email.



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