We started our preliminary work in May of 2012, working with the New Jersey Department of Human Services to develop a proposal and a plan for the project. We completed the opening of the Catalano Apartments in April of 2013 and moved twelve individuals into 6 two-bedroom apartments. Subsequently, we opened Colton Group Home in Edison and Lawrence Avenue Group Home in the last quarter of 2013. Four men moved into each of these two new homes.

Currently, we are working on renovating and opening Woodland Avenue Group Home in South Plainfield. Our goal here is to open this home for four men in April of 2014.

Our Vocational Program is also expanding and moving upstairs, within 154 Front Street, to what was previously Union Apartment. The Vocational Program move to this space will allow us to expand our services, provide more room for activities and potentially allow more individuals to be admitted to the program. We are hopeful that this move will be completed in the next few months. Our offices will remain on the lower level and once the Vocational move is completed will expand to include a new conference room, clinical offices and training center. Our gym will continue to be a resource for all of our programs. Middlesex and Edison apartments will eventually close and most likely be used as office space.

Currently, we are looking for more homes to continue our work. Our plan is to open four additional group homes this year and conclude our project in the spring of 2015 with the opening of two more four bed group homes and the licensing of Grant and Somerset Apartments as two individual group homes for six persons each.

At the end of this project, programmatically, Keystone will be comprised of fifteen individually licensed group homes, a Supervised Apartment Program, our Vocational Program and our Supportive Living Program. A little different look than we had thirty or so years ago!!

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