We are pleased to announce that on June 1, 2014, we opened our newest group home, Woodland Group Home, on Woodland Avenue in South Plainfield. Accolades to Kristen Fantuzzi, Halisha Campbell, Judith Foster, Lance Bunker, Ron Dismuke, Michael Giroud, Linda Fantuzzi, and Kyle Thompson for all their efforts to make this happen. Best of luck to Kenneth Ogbuja, Sara Reed and the entire Woodland Group Home staff!

Halisha Campbell is the Program Director responsible for this program.

Additionally, our Vocational program has moved to its new home. The expansion upstairs into the former Union Apartment provides much more quality space for programming and activities. We have received many compliments regarding our new vocational home. Accolades are also in order for Lynne Conway, Janet Walden, Mary Ann Williams, Lance Bunker, Ron Dismuke, Michael Giroud, Linda Fantuzzi, Kyle Thompson and the entire Vocational Staff for making this happen. Thank you for a job well done!!

In other news, we have acquired our next two group homes, Brandywine in Piscataway and Summit in the Fords section of Woodbridge Township. The renovations, sprinkler, and fire systems are the next steps in the process to open these homes. We are aiming to open these homes within the next three months. To show you that we are really serious about getting our downsizing project done, we are also under contract for our sixth new group home on Netherwood Road in Piscataway. The property is scheduled to close in mid-July.

It is indeed an exciting time for us at Keystone. We feel our efforts have definitely enhanced the quality of life of the great people that we serve and support. We look forward to the future and continuing to provide the means for our folks to live fulfilling lives.

Your feedback and comments on our progress is always welcomed.

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