Netherwood Group Home, for five men in Piscataway, NJ, has officially opened on March 20, 2015. Accolades to Kristen Fantuzzi, Linda Fantuzzi, Lisa Mixon, Judith Foster, Jennifer Moffett, Lynne Conway, Lance Bunker, Mike Giroud, Ron Dismuke and Kyle Thompson for their efforts in getting this new home open! We wish Manager Rodrigo Kovacs, and Assistant Manager Ilyana Mullen, the Netherwood Group Home staff and Program Director Paul Marshall the best of luck with the new program.
Just after the Easter weekend, the administration offices will be complete and Ray, Linda, Lynne, Lisa, Faith, Rebecca, Nancy and Kyle will move into their new office space. Lisa’s current office will be transformed into a much needed conference room for meetings and new hire orientations. Kristen, Judith, Dina, Jennifer, Daphne, Dalia, Program Directors, and the nursing staff will remain downstairs. Lance and the maintenance team will also see an office space of their own as well. Should you need to visit us at Front Street, new signage will be displayed throughout the building to help you find your way to the individual you need to find. We anticipate starting business in our new upstairs space by Monday, April 13.
Lastly, the next group home will be located in South Plainfield and we anticipate closing on this home in the next week. We have already gotten our sprinkler, fire alarm and home renovation contractors in there to plan out the work they need to do. We furthermore hope that this home will open in June.

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