Last week, we finally were able to announce the start of a big project that will be taking place at Keystone. It was a project that evolved several times and took many, many years to develop. However, with our diligence and the co-operation of the state of New Jersey, Division of Developmental Disabilities, we are happy to announce changes that we are certain will improve the quality of life of those we serve.

Sometime in the next few days, parents and guardians of our individuals should receive correspondence from Ray. This letter was sent with the intention of letting all  know about the changes we are looking to make. If you did not receive our letter, please contact us and make sure that we have your correct mailing address on our records.

The project proposed and accepted by the state will decrease the number of residents at 154 Front Street from 61 to 12. Over the course of no more than three years, residents will have the opportunity to move into smaller group homes or supervised apartments. We have every intention to have our first supervised apartment cluster opened in six months! Current residents at 154 Front Street will move into either a supervised apartment setting or into one of our nine new group homes, that will all be located in close proximity of 154 Front Street.

If you did not receive or would like to re-read the letter mailed, we have provided it for you.  

To assist in the communication process regarding these exciting plans,  Ray will be holding a meeting with parents and guardians in our gym at 154 Front Street on,Monday, May 21, 2012 at 6:30 PM. Please call to RSVP for the meeting.

Individual meetings with parents and guardians will be scheduled, at another time, to discuss individual needs, preferences and placements for new living arrangements.

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